Envision 2023

What's "Envision"?

Step into the shoes of a CEO with our Day in the Life of a CEO Competition, taking place on 25th November! Envision offers students a unique opportunity to experience the responsibilities of a CEO by engaging in analysis, problem-solving, and making executive decisions crucial for a company's success. Similar to real-world CEO challenges, participants will be tested on critical thinking and logical reasoning in our aptitude test. They will showcase their pitching and analysis skills through oral and written business case segments. In our networking session, participants will immerse themselves in an environment where building connections with other CEOs is essential. Top industry professionals will evaluate and provide feedback, offering valuable insights into the key aspects of what it takes to be a successful CEO. Join us for an immersive experience that goes beyond the classroom, preparing students for the dynamic world of executive leadership. 

Event Details

When: November 25th, 2023

Where: Goodman Atrium

Contact: vpevents@goodmanbig.com

Dress Code: Business Formal


Sehaj Deol

Brock University Alumni BBA, '22, Accounting

Sukhwinder Gill

Brock University Alumni BBA, '21, Marketing

Melissa Rosario

Brock University, Class of '23, BAcc