What's "The BIG Scoop"?

The BIG Scoop is an open and friendly space for student entrepreneurs to connect, share and learn with fellow student entrepreneurs on various topics covering entrepreneurship and innovation! 

What makes The BIG Scoop unique?

The BIG Scoop is a platform that offers students interested in entrepreneurship with resources and support for one hour a week on a bi-weekly basis. We understand that students are extremely busy with school but they do not have to put their business ideas on pause. With The BIG Scoop, they can slowly start working on their businesses by dedicating only an hour a week with the help of the BIG team, our partners, and fellow student entrepreneurs. 

Due to popular demand...

We have our previous "The BIG Scoop" slide decks now available for viewing in case you missed it!

BIG Scoop - Business Plans.pdf.pdf
BIG Scoop - Business Growth & Scaling.pdf.pdf

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March 28th at GSB 306!