What's "Late Night with BIG?"

Late Night with BIG is a talk show that gives business students a glimpse of an entrepreneur’s journey in the business world and a networking opportunity to get professional advice to succeed in the entrepreneurial world.

What makes Late Night with Big unique?

LNWB has been going very well, there has been a sizeable turnout from students so far. Both students and guest speakers have really enjoyed the events and look forward to taking part in them moving forward

J. Krekorian

LNWB allows for students like myself to get become engaged with industry proffesionals, learn new networking strategies, and provides an open platofrm to converse with peers in a virtual setting"

-A. Walmsley

What does innovation mean to you?

“There’s always an element of chance and you must be willing to live with that element. If you insist on certainty, you will paralyze yourself.”

– J.P. Getty

Founder of Getty Oil (1892-1976)